How to Clean Dirty Most objects in the Bathroom!

How to Clean Dirty Most objects in the Bathroom

The bathroom is one room that every day we visit. Apparently, the objects that we use in the bathroom, keep harmful germs. Here's a list of the dirtiest object in the bathroom, and how to clean it.

1. Place the toothbrush
Considered as the most dirty thing than the whole object in the bathroom. Because the place is full of germs toothbrush. Germs are not only derived from the toothbrush, but also because the toothbrush is usually placed outside the cupboard, then the bacteria from other areas in the bathroom, easily stopped.

How to clean Place the toothbrush:
You can clean it once a week with a washing machine to kill germs. In addition, you can use warm water and soap. To keep them clean, wipe a toothbrush with disinfectant wipes at least twice a week.

2. Toilet
Second dirtiest thing in the bathroom is the toilet. However, toilets save a lot of germs, and also spread to the rest of the room the bathroom, especially the toilet seat. When you flush, the water that flows creates aerosols and cipratannya transfer germs from the bowl to the floor, towels, walls, taps, and even a toothbrush.

How to clean Toilet: When flush, the toilet lid down. That way, you can reduce the spread of germs from the toilet.

3. Mat
If you do not hang the mat to dry after use, it is warm and moist areas of the mat into the perfect spot for the fungus to thrive.

How to clean Mat: All of the rubber mat can be washed using a washing machine or soaked in bleach mixed with water. You also can wash rubber mat with a mixture of water and vinegar. Other mat should be washed once a week and completely drained to keep bacteria and fungi lodged at the ends.

4. The shower head
Studies conducted by the University of Colorado showed that the shower head can be a breeding ground for bacteria thin biofilm or attached to the surface. These bacteria can contaminate the water that comes out of the shower.

How to clean The shower head: Soak the shower head in the water distillate every night, then rinse with cold water.

5. faucet and taps opener
In addition to the toilet, the bacteria can also arise from the tap. The faucet is the most untouched areas in the bathroom. People touch the faucet opening before they wash their hands. This makes harmful bacteria sticking to the surface.

How to clean faucet and taps opener: Wipe the faucet and handles daily with disinfectant wipes. This will stop the growth of bacteria.

6. sink
With all the equipment wash hands, face and brush your teeth, the sink you save a lot of types of bacteria, and all clustered in the drains. So, next time if you drop the toothbrush into the sink, you do not need to think twice to rinse.

How to clean sink: It's not enough to spray and rinse, you need to brush all parts of the sink and around the disposal, to eliminate germs.

7. Sponge
Not only dirt and bacteria from your body attached to the sponge, but like a doormat, was often damp sponge. This makes the sponge into the perfect place for the growth of bacteria and fungi.

How to clean it Sponge: You need to replace the sponge once every two weeks.

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