Do not Imitate Magazine, Interior Attractive Precisely Under Your Personality!

Homeowners can easily "find" error in setting the interior after seeing various references such as design magazines. However, the interior designer and editor-at-large Domaine, Estee Stanley has a different view. The house is not a furniture store catalog. Forcing your house looks "perfect" will also make it awkward.

"Before you start your next decorating project, reject the desire to through shortcuts and buy furniture in a set. Uses separate items give a different look and incorporate more visual appeal to your space," said Stanley.

The designer emphasized, the most common mistakes made ​​homeowners are buying furniture in a set. This set may contain a bed, closet, dresser, and desk. All of them have the look, color, and style same. Although it was more convenient and practical, filling the interior of the house in this way makes the lack of personal style and creativity.

"Instead of using a set of furniture, consider buying one or two items from the set, then mix with other furniture from another store with a different look and aesthetic. If these ideas seem excessive, try to buy from a store, but looking for a different brand. Anyway way, you will have a variation in a space that looks more attractive, "he added.

Stanley also advised, you need to maximize what you already have. If you have a set of antique furniture, use the most. If you have a dining table and matching chairs, exchange a few seats in the set with another chair. If the table in the exact same bed with cabinets, paint one of them.

"As I've said before, the design is to express creativity and put your personality in one room to make it yours. So, do not be afraid to think outside the 'set'!" Stanley concluded.

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