Interior color touch Eliminate Boring

Color, for some people, believed to build its own nuances in the house. Designer Diane Hancock of Diane Hancock Designs, Inc. , agrees. According to Hancock, the color is the key to getting the room in accordance with the wishes of its owner.

Color can also trigger feelings of their own that will affect the mood of the owner of the house. However, Hancock realizes that there are homeowners who want to incorporate the colors into the home without the need to repaint the entire wall.

Use ornaments

Included a few brightly colored items into a room that has neutral shades can change the image of the room. Hancock suggested inserting colored decorations pulled into the room. Ornament is shaped pillow on the couch can, vase, or a blanket. Homeowners can use multiple colors to taste.

"You do not need to only use one color. If you like some color, you can use it, but make sure these colors have the same tone," said Hancock.

Similar feelings were expressed by Liz Lynch. Lynch uses designer Amanda Nisbet's work as an example. Nisbet displayed some blue vase in the kitchen bernansa white. According to Lynch, if the homeowners feel bored, or interested in using another color, he just need to swap these vases.

A maximum of two colors

Only, Lynch does not advise homeowners to use more than two striking colors in one room. Limiting penggunahan only two different color capable of preventing the room was "not connected".

In addition, if the homeowner is still afraid to use striking colors, actually there are other solutions that are also interesting. Homeowners can start to incorporate the colors are still quite soft. Try using pastel colors, such as skin color persih fruit, pink, mint green, or pale yellow.

"If you are ready to move from (the use of) the color palette is really safe, start working with soft colors in low doses. Peach, pink, mint, pale yellow will add a different perspective on your room feels too different without neutral colors. adding carpets, materials, and decoration discolored is a good way to start, "said Lynch

Enter carpet

Another way that is no less easy, but effectively enter neutral shades of color to the room is to use colorful patterned carpet. If the carpet is discolored yet interesting enough, the carpet with a special detail will provide a special attraction on the floor. Area rug or carpet in one large room can help homeowners hide dirt and dust.

fresh plants

Incorporating plants into the neutral shades of the room is also an interesting idea. A bouquet of colorful flowers can provide organic elements into the room while striking color insert into it. Meanwhile, a similar effect can also be carried out by green plants in pots, or succulent plants.

works of art

If the homeowner does not have time to care for the plants, you should choose another alternative. Homeowners can replace the plants and flowers with paintings and photographs.

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