"House Spiral", Flexible Living Space Concept

fun Design

Led by Tsuyoshi Shindo architects, architects Be Fun Design is based in Japan recently completed four residential structures called "Spiral house" in the city of Matsuyama. Each room is set with the module layout the same on all four floors connected by a spiral staircase at the front of the unit.

Residential front facet consists of a large window in the top three levels, while the exterior is adorned with a sliding door models. Elevation transparently reveal that the circulation element to the conditions characteristic of each apartment small space.

Shindo set layout that puts the kitchen and dining room on the ground level, while the bedroom at the top. The second floor contains a bathroom for each residence, while the top is open to the living space that is flexible and has a large window facing south. The game is very pretty palette, including surface features pine floors.

source : designboom

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