Six Tricks Organize More Effective and Functional Furniture

Interior design

Proper placement of the couch and moving is important for setting the interior space of the house. The reason, a space can function properly if the owner does not merely think of the aesthetics of the arrangement of furniture.

The beauty and uniqueness is important. However, designer Estee Stanley, the website design and inspiring home Domaine, confirmed that homeowners need to know in advance the respective functions of his furniture. In addition, homeowners also need to be aware of how the position or settings that can maximize the function of furniture.

First of all do not force myself to arrange the interior of the house with a symmetrical appearance. According to him, despite the symmetrical arrangement is so popular and gives a classic look, symmetrical arrangement could squander an architectural feature in the room. Such arrangement also lacks uniqueness. After all, is not always the rooms are laid out symmetrically functioning properly.

Discover the difference between symmetrical and balanced. According to Stanley, although not need to insist on making a symmetrical arrangement, homeowners need to find a balance in his house. The key to finding balance is to ensure goods and furniture "distributed" throughout the room evenly. No need exactly the same between the right and the left. Most importantly, do not feel the empty space on one side and solid on the other side.

Third, the priority function in decorating. Think about how homeowners would use that room. If the homeowner is often invited guests, seating arrangements need diperhatian more closely. Guests must be able to sit with a relaxed and comfortable to encourage smooth conversation.

In the meantime, if space is limited in the size of the house, the owner needs to be creative. For example, homeowners can choose the type chairs ottoman to provide additional seating area. Despite the narrow space, this kind of type of furniture easily removable as needed.

Finally, arrange for a place to sit back to back with each other not. This makes the room look more full. He said, "A design of my tricks is to avoid the back seats facing each other, for example the back of a chair facing the back of the sofa. This solves space and make the room look more full."

The key to arranging furniture in the house is a sure way of life can be flexibly applied there. Meanwhile, homeowners also need to pay attention to the overall feel of the room. 

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