Success Tricks Copenhagen Increasing the Number of Users in Urban Bicycles

Kopenhangun wake overpass for bike
Kopenhangun wake overpass for bike

Copenhagen has a bike path separated from the road for motor vehicles. Practices that began in the 1980s proved to increase significantly the number of bicycle users.

Now, the City of Copenhagen is working to add more number of cyclists. Local authorities, as reported by, build more infrastructure for cyclists. Infrastructure is the latest bicycle overpass. The line was placed in the areas that are usually packed with pedestrians.

Flyover named Cykelslangen or Snake Bike, designed by the architects dissing + Weitling. The track is not only make it easier for bicycle users move from place to place, but also make the trip more enjoyable.

In a city that is relatively flat, the striking orange lines provide a "challenge" for cyclists. Available paths sometimes flicker, climbing, and descending. Bicycle users also do not have to worry about colliding with pedestrians in corners.

"There is a relationship lost that force cyclists to use the stairs or make a great lap around the shopping center," said urban design expert and CEO of Design Company Copenhagenize, Mikael Colville-Anderson, on According to Colville-Anderson, this solution provides a process for the shorter trip cyclists.

As reported in the Adele Peters, Copenhagen is planning to build six bicycle-pedestrian bridge new. This is of course taken well by Colville-Anderson.

"These things will be a great improvement to prioritize bicycle as a means of transportation. To design cities for the human, rather than designing cities for cars," he said.

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