World Architects Committed Press Total Carbon Emissions

Architecture Otherwere in Durban- Durban ICC
Architecture Otherwere in Durban- Durban ICC
Plans to improve the quality of life of people of the world the louder sound. One of them came from the World Congress of the Union internationale des Architectes (UIA) in Durban, South Africa, last week.

A total of 124 members of the organization who are present have declared their commitment to sustainable architecture. They are determined to adopt the 2050 Imperative Declaration. The Declaration contains a plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the building.

Declaration which was held on Wednesday (08/08/2014) and it explores how desperate the current environmental conditions. Therefore, UIA members from around the world need to be committed to realizing a sustainable future and justice.

One of the expressions mentioned in the declaration reads, "Urban areas are responsible for over 70 percent of global energy consumption and CO2 emissions, which generally come from the building. Over the next two decades, an area roughly equivalent to 60 percent of the total stock of buildings from all over the world are projected to be built and rebuilt in urban areas throughout the world. this will provide the opportunity berlum never before to reduce the CO2 emissions of fossil fuels by setting a global building sector on the path of emissions reduction in 2050 ".

In the same statement also mentioned, that the UIA realize the importance of the role of the architect in planning and designing environments. Therefore, the architect can be the vanguard in pengurangi carbon emissions. UAI support members to:

     Plan and design cities, urban development, new buildings, to be free of carbon. That is, they no longer use the energy in a year more energy than they produce, or their importation, from renewable energy sources.
     Renovate and rehabilitate existing towns, urban development and buildings to be carbon-free, but still respecting the culture and values ​​from generation to generation.
     In cases where achieving carbon neutral is not possible or not practical, (architects) to plan and design cities, urban development, new buildings and renovations to be very efficient. With the ability to produce, or import all of their energy from renewable energy sources in the future.
     Committed in principle to attract research and set targets to achieve the 2050 goal.
     Advocating and promoting socially responsible architecture in the community. Develop and provide access to information and tools for planning and designing environmentally sustainable, strong, inclusive, low-carbon, and even zero carbon. It also provides access to design renewable energy systems at no cost or low cost.

It has the support of the President of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Helene Combs Dreiling, Faia.

"We have made great strides towards a sustainable built environment, but we still need to advance the industry to create a sustainable design become the de facto standard for all construction projects," said Dreiling.

"The practice of sustainable design carried out by the architects of the world would reduce climate change and ultimately save lives," he added.

regarding Durban

Durban, the largest city in South Africa, located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. In addition to beautiful, coastal city is also the second most important manufacturing sites in South Africa after Johannesburg. Durban is known as the busiest city in South Africa, even the whole of Africa. Check out the beauty of the city in a video released officially by the UIA Congress: Durban 2014 OTHERWHERE Architecture.

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